The policy below reflect LCC's current requirements & guidelines for all ministries (adult & children). These guidelines reflect the recommendations of the Lake County Health Department and CDC to the best of our abilities.

LAST UPDATED: MAY 28, 2021 @ 2:20PM


The Elders of LCC would like to express their gratitude for the way the body of Christ has conducted themselves through the COVID19 pandemic.  We are grateful for your patience with us and with each other.  While we have not all agreed on each step along the way, today is a good day to rejoice in the One who keeps us!  Our confidence in the Spirit of God has never been greater; He has preserved the unity of the body in some of the most volatile times LCC has ever experienced.  He is good and faithful and we say thank you Lord!


The Elders have determined it is time for us to take a step forward regarding the end of this long season.  We have no idea what the future holds.  But today, we feel it is right for us to move on from the current restrictions we have chosen for the community of LCC.  Therefore, effective immediately, May 28, 2021:

  • LCC will resume all activities as normal with no restrictions.
  • As friends and family, we will continue to be patient and respectful of each other whether wearing a mask or not.
  • As shepherds, all guidance on all matters related to COVID19 will be referred to your family physician and the CDC guidelines.

Praise God!  See you Sunday!

- Pastor Jeff Pierce for the Elders of LCC.