The policy below reflect LCC's current requirements & guidelines for all ministries (adult & children). These guidelines reflect the recommendations of the Lake County Health Department and CDC to the best of our abilities.

LAST UPDATED: September 11, 2020 @ 12:50PM


Effective September 1, 2020 until further notice:

As appropriate, our ministry leaders will adopt suggested operating procedures to ensure the safety of our congregation and visitors. Below are the ones that apply broadly to our programs & activities.


While our ministry leaders are taking all reasonable precautions, there is an inherent and unclear amount of risk in participating in any in-person activities at this time. It is necessary for all families & individuals to consider their personal health and tolerance for those risks before attending ministry programming.


All building use is required to be scheduled through the church office at (440) 254-4747 or


Any ministries or groups meeting "off-campus" should adhere to the guidelines provided by the facility the event is being held at.


Zoom meetings can be scheduled for any ministry or group through the church office at (440) 254-4747 or


All children under the age of 18 participating in Children's Ministry or Unify Student Ministries must have a release form for the 2020-21 ministry year submitted. This includes Sunday morning and mid-week programming.

  • The release form for Unify Student Ministries (6th - 12th grade) can be found here.
  • The release form for Children's Ministry (Birth to 6th grade) can be found here.


  • If you (or your child) are experiencing any of the known symptoms associated with COVID-19, we request that you please not attend any in-person ministry programming until symptoms clear (for more info on when it is recommended to return to programming, click here.)
  • If you begin experiencing symptoms during ministry programming, please inform a ministry leader and self-isolate.


On campus facility use is encouraged under the following guidelines:

  • While inside, masks are required to be worn.
  • Social distancing is practiced. Please note that some spaces may not allow for full recommended distance.
  • While outside, no mask is required while distances can be maintained.
  • Limited food service of single-serving, "sealed" drinks & snacks only.


LCC is not a community of health care professionals or immunologists. We are a church community that cares deeply for our membership. That said, we do believe that COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus and our goal is to limit the spread in our community. Part of our plan is to implement a best practice should we ever have a known COVID-19 diagnosis in our community. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 and attended an LCC event within the time frame you are believed to have been contagious, please contact the appropriate ministry leader or the office.

Your personal information will be kept private with the individual you contact; only the fact an individual tested positive will be shared. Please be advised we cannot guarantee the privacy of any individual who is diagnosed with COVID-19 and it may be possible the identity of said person will be discovered.  By participating in LCC activities, all attendees assume this risk.

In the event LCC is informed a person who participated in LCC ministries has received a diagnosis of COVID-19, and it is reasonable in our opinion to believe they may have been contagious while in attendance, LCC leadership will:

  • Notify the church members and anyone who is believed to have come in contact with the person who contracted COVID-19.  (For example, if this person was a part of Women’s Thursday Connections, but is not attending morning services, we will only contact the general group of women in Connections unless we feel it is necessary to inform other people to protect them from infection). 
  • Again, we will not identify the person by name in our communications, only that there was a person in that group that was recently diagnosed.
  • Evaluate whether any upcoming ministry gatherings should be cancelled due to cleaning or quarantine requirements.
  • Disinfect the area of any on-campus facility that this person is known to have visited while contagious. Please understand we are not professional cleaners and we cannot guarantee the elimination of all traces of any virus on our campus. Attendees must assume the risk of exposure by attending any given activity.