Spiritual Disciplines

Bible Reading

The battle for your growth and obedient living is a battle for right thinking. Truth that combats the lies of the enemy that barrage you everyday. And that truth is the Word of God. For real spiritual fruit you need the daily input of God's Word. Begin today, renew your commitment today, faithfully engage with the Discipline of Bible Reading for your joy!


God has spoken to us in His Word, and He wants us to speak to Him through prayer. When we have engaged with the truth of our sin and of our great Savior we should want to pour our hearts out to our Creator. He hears, He cares, and He answers according to His sovereign plan for our good. Spend more time in prayer, ask people to pray for you, and ask others how you can pray for them!


We are not better than anyone else. We did not save ourselves, and without the redeeming grace of God we would be destined for hell. But God ... because of His great love rescued us from our sin and made us children of God. How can we not share that? Not out of guilt, and with no motivations to perform for God, but because we want others to experience what God has done for us. It can be scary ... but it doesn't have to be, and it's what God has called us to do. Go for it ... love the lost!


There is often a large gap between knowing truth and applying truth to life. It can be confusing trying to align Biblical data with life’s circumstances, hard to identify the emotions you are feeling, and difficult to process what God has called you to obediently do. Writing helps both with expression and clarity. The discipline of journaling can be a tremendous help in your daily interaction with God, His Word, and the stuff of life. Try it!

Scripture Memory

Scripture Memory - The Psalmist wrote, "I have stored up your Word in my heart, that I might not sign against you" (Psalm 119:11). All too often we casually read truths revealed from God and walk away forgetting what it says and what it calls us to do. Committing portions of Scripture to memory is a discipline that rarely argued against, but often neglected. Doing battle against the lies of the enemy demands that we be equipping with truth ready to be recalled at a moments notice. Are you ready for battle? Memorize truth today!


If you've grown up in the church, you've been told to give. But how much of your giving is full of duty and obligation? It's not that God needs your money, time or talents... but you need to give. It's an act of worship, a spiritual discipline, and a call to put others before you. Be generous as your God has been lavish in His love toward you!


We are a people addicted to comfort. That comfort may not be laziness or hobbies for you, but you too run to something to find rest that isn't God Himself. We need to find our souls' rest in God alone. It isn't our busyness that He delights in, but our hearts that are satsified in Him alone. This takes work to rest, and we need to discipline ourselves for the spiritual rest we only find Christ.


Fasting is not a magic lever that manipulates God into doing what we want, nor is it merely prayer on steroids. We are far too easily satisfied with the things of the world and fasting is a necessary discipline to woo our hearts away from the temporal and on to the eternal. God’s good gifts are meant to be enjoyed, food being one of them … but we must never make them gods. So take some intentional time to say no to the good for the sake of the best.

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