Corporate Worship Through Song

Singing is an important part of our Sunday Morning Worship Service. Our Worship Music Ministry is a great reflection of our church as a whole. 

The most important part of our worship music is the lyrical content. We believe that the primary purpose of our corporate singing is to praise, thank, exalt and glorify God. That being the case, we focus on songs that are Biblically sound and God-centered. We incorporate traditional hymns of the Faith along with contemporary music. Sometimes we sing traditional hymns with a contemporary arrangement. 

We are particularly blessed at Leroy Chapel with an abundance of musical talent. Each week we feature a full worship band (guitars, bass, keys, drums, percussion, vocalists). We have several individuals who are capable of leading the church in worship. 

One especially exciting aspect of our Worship Team is that it is made up of a wide range of ages. Younger men and women leading side by side with older ones. We have worked to create an atmosphere where younger musicians are being mentored and encouraged and given the opportunity to step out and serve God’s people with their gifts. Mutual respect and deference is displayed between each member of the ministry. 

Along with our regular Sunday Morning Worship Team, we have an Adult Choir, a Brass Choir, along with Student and Children’s Choirs and various soloists, who minister at various times throughout the year. 

God has truly blessed Leroy Chapel with a good number of people both willing and able to serve the body each week by leading us in corporate worship.

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