The Carroll Family

Dave and Jen are the founders and directors of Revolutionary Love Ministries. They have been serving in Uganda since 1997, where they have worked in pastoral ministry and discipleship at a large orphanage, established a missionary training centre, equipped church leaders, and mentored lots of university students and young adults. Dave recently authored a book, "The Father's Heart"

Dave & Jen have 4 children, Hannah, Elizabeth, Joshua and Sarah.

For more information regarding the Carroll's and their ministry you can follow them here.

The Christensen Family

John & Sylvia Christensen serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  For over 20 years they have been working with the Kisar people in Indonesia to create a written system and translate God's word into their own language.

John & Sylvia have 6 children, Paul, Naomi, Bethany, Philip, Lydia and Micah.

The Crandall Family

Mike and Becky Crandall serve with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru).  Mike is the Leadership Development national director and leads a team that focuses on finding and equipping the interns and full-time staff for Cru.

Mike and Becky have 3 grown children, Jordan, Jessica and Jacob.

The Cutlip Family

John is the Director of Central Services for Open Air Campaigners located in Nazareth, PA.  Open Air Campaigners is a mission organization specialized in open-air evangelism. John assists the staff out on the field in both outreach and training, as well as provides and coordinates administrative functions.

John & Sue have 3 grown children, Christopher, Shannon and Chad.

The Duston Family

Todd & Kelley have worked with New Tribes Mission for over 15 years. Todd is the Director of Admissions for New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, MI. His mission is to encourage and assist prospective NTBI students in order to see more missionaries trained to reach many tribes with the Gospel. Kelley works as his secretary.  

Todd & Kelley have 6 children, Nathan, Andrew, Anna, Noah, David and Daniel.

The Fry Family

Rod & Mayra, are missionaries with Commission to Every Nation, serving in church planting and mobilization in Mexico City. Their passion is to see a congregation formed where none existed before.

Rod & Mayra have 3 children, Daniel, Catherine and David.

For more information on the Fry's ministry you can follow them here.

Ernie Lee

Ernie Lee is serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Their location now is Duncanville, Tx. He is working with political refugees from Southeast Asia.  Ernie recently went back to Vietnam and was able to present a fully translated bible that he had worked on for more than 40 years.

Ethel Nelson

Ethel Nelson served the Lord faithfully through United World Missions as a church planter and teacher in Cuba and Guatemala for over 50 years with her husband, Roy.

We are blessed to have Ethel as part of our church body here at LCC in her retirement. 

Phil & Marianne Nelson

Phil & Marianne Nelson have established Help for Orphans and Widows Worldwide (HOWW). Their work is located in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  The host teams from all over the United States in Guatemala City to do work in communities around the dump.  They also have a feeding program for children in different communities.

To learn more about HOWW you can follow them here.

Marian Pledger

Marian works with Interlink Ministries in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.  Her purpose in the ministry is to evangelize and disciple children in the Word of God, and to help encourage them to attend a local church.  She holds bible programs all over the Cleveland are.

The Spangler Family

Sandy and Sharon Spangler serve on staff with Cru (formally known here in the United States as Campus Crusade for Christ), and assigned to FamilyLife in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sandy came on staff in 1995 with his previous wife Cheryl and served with her at FamilyLife until Easter morning of 2013 when God took her home after an 18-month battle with cancer.

In November of 2015 God brought Sandy and Sharon, already on staff with FamilyLife since 1993, together to start a new chapter in their lives of combining their individual families into a new blended legacy for God’s purpose and glory.

In the early years on staff Sandy served in the Conference and Events Department of FamilyLife, giving leadership to between 7 and 10 conference cities, including Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, in the area of volunteer recruiting, marketing and promotion. In July of 2003 Sandy assumed responsible for training and coaching all FamilyLife missionary staff in the area of Ministry Partner Development (MPD). About that same time he was also assigned to those same responsibilities as part of Cru’s MPD Executive Team with his primary focus on new mid-career staff building their initial financial support team.

Sharon has served in a number of different roles at FamilyLife over the years including a stint as administrative assistant to Dennis Rainey, president of FamilyLife. She currently serves as a mid-level donor representative in FamilyLife’s Donor Relations Department where she communicates on a regular basis with more that 350-ministry partners currently on her caseload.

Together they have 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren.

The White Family

Dave & Courtnee are serving with Campus Crusade for Christ at Northern Illinois University right outside of Chicago.  This is their third college that they have worked with sense starting with Cru over 15 years ago.

Dave & Courtnee have 3 children, Luelle, Dawson and Miriam.

Transforming our families, community and world into devoted followers of Jesus Christ through the Word of God.