Biblical Counseling

Equipping men and women to be disciplers of Christ in one-another’s lives.


We at LCC understand that we live in a fallen world and that every believer’s life experiences both, sin and suffering. We know that the bible speaks to all of life’s problems. God intends for the truth of His Gospel to touch and transform every portion of our story. We also know that every human is built for community and in need of the input of others. Though there are certain seasons of our stories where we need the wise teaching and purposeful prayer of another to help deal with the sin and suffering we experience. Our goal in this ministry is that through wise biblical truth and purposeful discipleship that no matter the sin or suffering we would be able to proclaim God’s redemptive Gospel story in our stories.


If you are interested in receiving biblical counsel from one of our lay counselors please call the Church Office . You’ll be asked to fill out a form to help match you with the right counselor. This form can be found on our website under the Biblical Counseling tab under Ministries. Most counseling will take place in an hour long session for 6-8 weeks as needed. There is no fee for this ministry. If you would like more information please contact Jill Butler or the Church Office. 



Counseling Application (PDI)

Disclosure & Hold Harmless Agreement

Counseling Evaluation Form

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