Guiding Statements

Purpose Statement

”To glorify God through the worship of Christ by delighting in the Word for the Spirit-empowered progress of faith in the nurturing of healthy churches.”

Mission Statement

”To completely transform our families, community, and world into devoted followers of Jesus Christ through the Word of God.“

Vision Statement

”To prayerfully advance Christ’s kingdom through: evangelizing, teaching, leadership development, and building the community of God’s people for the glory of God.“

Vision: Evangelizing

“To see the Gospel lead every person on mission for the multiplication of disciples, through: cherishing Christ’s work in you, engaging people where you live, work and play, and giving yourself to the nations and least reached peoples.”

Vision: Teaching

“To see the Word of God permeate the thinking of every person so that they live a thoroughly Biblical worldview, based on: the whole story of God, a systematized theological foundation, and an accurate understanding of Scriptures in their original context.”

Vision: Leadership Development

“To see the Church strengthen every person so they invest in the equipping of others, through: living a life of joyful obedience, developing their God given gifts, and serving sacrificially in every area of life.”

Vision: Community

“To see the People of God internalize the Biblical process of spiritual change so that every person becomes an instrument of grace to others, through: embracing with humility our constant need, cultivating a robust community of care, and mobilizing competent counselors to engage a world of suffering.”